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Hey folks!

I’ve been doing more uncrafting around here than anything else.  This weekend I unravelled no fewer than three projects.  Shocking!

This and this:

Equestiran Blazer

Equestiran Blazer



Languished in my closet rarely worn so they became this:

Future vest and Oh Pioneer!

Future vest and Oh Pioneer!

And these fat socks:

Obesity kills

Obesity kills

Were also reincarnated.

Jawoll Aktion

Jawoll Aktion

It doesn’t really bug me to frog.  It irks me more to waste expensive yarn on projects I never wear.

I also took the scissors to this Tommy Hilfiger skirt that was a little too square dance for me.

The slippers make the outfit.

The slippers make the outfit. Skirt colour is much more accurate here.

But I’m not all that sure if it’s more flattering now.

Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow

I was going for a pencil skirt shape but didn’t quite make it there.  The tights are from We Love Colors.  The colour is great but they are super long.  Note to nylon manufacturers: big thighs does not equal legs that go on for days.

I’ve also challenged myself to the Flickr 365 project.  I’m hoping it will spark some creativity, force me to run a comb through my hair and gain some patience and confidence as a very amateur photographer.  Plus Jukebox Week has been totally awesome and inspiring.


Exciting news! I am officially going to visit Erin in Edmonton, sister-in-law Meaghan in Whistler and Robyn in Seattle – with bonus Portland and Vancouver trips – in just under two months!  This went from an “I hope” plan to an honest to goodness trip when West Jet and Air Canada both announced seat sales.  Now I just have to scramble some money together for hotels in Portland and Vancouver and for spending on copious amounts of yarn and fabric.  So scary and fun!  Where should I go?  What should I see?

I took some pictures of other stuff to tell you about but I don’t care about them now that I’m actually going to the West coast after years of griping about how much I want to go.*

Lace Ribbon Scarf in Artfibers Hana

Lace Ribbon Scarf in Artfibers Hana

Matzo Toffee.  The container is now almost empty, just two hours later.

Matzo Toffee. Just two hours later the container is almost empty.

*I did drive from San Diego to Kingston, Ontario with my parents when we moved from the former to the later, so I have been to some of these places, but I was six and don’t remember most of it.

  • First off, thank so much to people who sent e-mails because they saw the floods here on the news.  It’s so, so kind of you.  We’re doing absolutely fine and I think the water is actually receding.
  • I even made it to a party Saturday for Julie’s birthday.  She’s moving away (tear) so I made her a housewarming / birthday gift.
  • Happy little bird

    Happy little bird

  • I spoke to my grandma this weekend and she managed to find a chair bootie pattern online so her new floors have been saved.  Thanks to all who pitched in.
  • The great excitement around here is the sprouting of our cucumber and zucchini seeds!
    Defying all that greyness out there.

    Defying all that greyness out there.

    We’re off to a composting info session so that we can turn these little cuties into monster cukes!

  1. My grandma called today and said she is looking for a pattern she used to have for “booties that you put on chairs so they don’t scratch the floors.”  She asked me to ask my “internet knitter friends for help.”  My grandma is awesome.  Please help her because I have no clue what she’s talking about and “chair booties” turned up nothing in a Ravelry search.
  2. I really, really, really, really times a kajillion love getting comments here.  You have no idea what it means to me.  No idea.  I also really love responding to each person’s comment personally.  I think it’s classy.  But, WordPress recently changed how users receive comments making it a royal pain for me to respond.  So, from now on,  I will respond as best I can to questions / pressing matters either by e-mail or in the post’s comments section, but if it’s a comment of the “love the socks” or “me want cake” nature, I will allow it to warm the cockles of my heart without shooting you an e-mail.  I really hope that’s o.k.  Because seriously, the comments, they make my day. Edit: Some of the comments seem to be getting through normally now.  I don’t know what’s going on.  More news as it develops.
  3. Our whole area is flooding like crazy.  A lot of people homes on the reserve here have been evacuated.  We’re totally fine and I think we will be through the spring but I am so not used to weather insanity.

1. I made my first cheesecake.

Carrot Cheesecake From April 09 Martha Stewart Living

Carrot Cheesecake From April '09 Martha Stewart Living. I don't like cheesecake that much but this one is pretty good.

2. I made a big Easter meal for two.

Click for copius notes

Click for copious notes

3.  I made slippers (pair 2 of 3)

Purl Bee Mary Janes.  I used scraps.  Thats why one sole is a different colour.

Purl Bee Mary Janes. I used scraps. That's why one sole is a different colour.

4.  I made granola and I made yogurt.

Granola recipe here (dont add the raisins before baking - they burn). Yogurt instructions here.

Honest to goodness yogurt. A bit tangy but totally edible.

Today I will make zucchini muffins and broccoli salad and tortillas and more slippers.  What will you make today?

Julia and I both seem to be overcoming our dishcloth procrastination at precisely the same time.  I bought some super cheap kitchen cotton at Michaels literally years ago and it rotted at the back of a closet…until Friday evening.  I started with one lowly little waffle cloth and suddenly I had somewhere to channel my lonely boredom.

Seven dishcloths!  Jealous?

Seven dishcloths! Jealous?

And now I can kick myself well and good for being a tard and putting them off so long.

Pattern: Waffle Knit Dishcloth and Double Bump Cloth (which are almost identical patterns but I got a bit bored on that last one)

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton and Scheepjes Cotton 8

Flickr seems to have dulled my colours.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Flickr seems to have dulled my colours. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

The funny thing is, I should have known how quick dishcloths are to make – I made some for my mom a few mother’s days ago (yeah – just what every mum wants – cleaning supplies).  I think those were a little fiddlier and that turned me off.  I never took photos of them but I remember one was this.  Another amusing note: the purple / blue held togehter is the Cotton 8, which was one of the first yarn I ever bought in November or December 2004.  The ridiculous thing?  I bought it to make wrist warmers.  Out of cotton.  I was dumb.

In continuance of the pastel Easter cheesy craftiness I also blew some eggs on Friday night.

I heart glitter.

I heart glitter.

And arranged them in a supercheese fashion:



What can I say? I love Easter and I love glitter.  Especially this Martha Stewart glitter.  Being a teacher in the public school system I’m used to dollar store chopped tinsel but this stuff is like multi-faceted pixie dust.  As a true child of the eighties I approve.  The instructions are here.  But please don’t come crying to me when you find sparkles in your cereal.

I have the bestest friends ever!  Robyn and Jane sent me a surprise package!

Just because they're awesome

They had no way of knowing that I am plum out of lip balm and that I love Alba natural cosmetics and yet somehow they knew.  Thanks m’darlins!

This distracted me from my slipper crises (I know – my life is so hard).  I have a cheap pair of slippers from Old Navy that are slowly deteriorating but are completely necessary on our craptacular commercial tile floors.  I bought some Plymouth Naturally to make the sweet Aran Isle Slippers.

Cute, no?

Except they’re teeny tiny.  I hate patterns that assume all women have the same size feet.  I even made the soles longer to accomodate my size nines but I failed to pick up extra stitches for the upper.  Boo to me.  I guess I’ve inadvertantly started my Christmas knitting early.  I only know one lady who has smaller feet than me so she will be the lucky recipient.

I’m trying to tell myself that I’m relieved because really these would be a pain in the ass to slip on at four a.m. when I inevitably have to get up to pee.  I have this pattern and I’ve purchased this one but I don’t think I have enough rogue skeins to complete either.  Woe is me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I predict boredom over here because Chris is working nights.  Pity party for one it is!

I finally finished the socks I’ve been carrying around in my purse since early December.  I’ve been working on them in the car (as a passenger) and during down time while teaching.

Theyre only slightly uneven in real life.

They're only slightly uneven in real life.

These are just a basic sock with a twisted rib.  The yarn is Silkie Socks that Rock in Walking on the Wild Tide.  I won it from Tiennie – she of the gorgeous family, beautiful house, amazing blog and  consistent comments.  Thanks again Tiennie!  I am totally in love with this yarn.

After weeks of searching thrift shops in Winnipeg and Kijiji for a real, grown up dining set we had a huge stroke of luck yesterday.  We had planned on schlepping to every  furniture store in the city but on our first try we found an amazing deal at EQ3.  They are discontinuing the Canyon dining set and one of their models had a teeny tiny scratch.  It was originally $1386 and we paid $299!  OK, the big reveal.

Before: Value Village formica table, Kijiji chair, pathetic Canadian Tire stool.

Before: Value Village formica table, Kijiji chair, pathetic Canadian Tire stool.

After: Mid-century Modern Coolness

After: Mid-century Modern Coolness

We  purchased another upholstered chair which was also crazy on sale but it’s not coming until next week.  The table has a built in leaf that makes it even bigger.  Now I have to cook a nice meal to christen it.

This also means I finally have a sewing table in my studio!



Things are finally starting to come together around here.  We found out that if we paint we have to repaint when we leave in around three years so we’re probably going to skip that and focus on accents like rugs and wall arrangements.  It will be slow going as we don’t have a huge decor budget but the thrill is in the hunt sometimes!

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