Julia and I both seem to be overcoming our dishcloth procrastination at precisely the same time.  I bought some super cheap kitchen cotton at Michaels literally years ago and it rotted at the back of a closet…until Friday evening.  I started with one lowly little waffle cloth and suddenly I had somewhere to channel my lonely boredom.

Seven dishcloths!  Jealous?

Seven dishcloths! Jealous?

And now I can kick myself well and good for being a tard and putting them off so long.

Pattern: Waffle Knit Dishcloth and Double Bump Cloth (which are almost identical patterns but I got a bit bored on that last one)

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton and Scheepjes Cotton 8

Flickr seems to have dulled my colours.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Flickr seems to have dulled my colours. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

The funny thing is, I should have known how quick dishcloths are to make – I made some for my mom a few mother’s days ago (yeah – just what every mum wants – cleaning supplies).  I think those were a little fiddlier and that turned me off.  I never took photos of them but I remember one was this.  Another amusing note: the purple / blue held togehter is the Cotton 8, which was one of the first yarn I ever bought in November or December 2004.  The ridiculous thing?  I bought it to make wrist warmers.  Out of cotton.  I was dumb.

In continuance of the pastel Easter cheesy craftiness I also blew some eggs on Friday night.

I heart glitter.

I heart glitter.

And arranged them in a supercheese fashion:



What can I say? I love Easter and I love glitter.  Especially this Martha Stewart glitter.  Being a teacher in the public school system I’m used to dollar store chopped tinsel but this stuff is like multi-faceted pixie dust.  As a true child of the eighties I approve.  The instructions are here.  But please don’t come crying to me when you find sparkles in your cereal.