• First off, thank so much to people who sent e-mails because they saw the floods here on the news.  It’s so, so kind of you.  We’re doing absolutely fine and I think the water is actually receding.
  • I even made it to a party Saturday for Julie’s birthday.  She’s moving away (tear) so I made her a housewarming / birthday gift.
  • Happy little bird

    Happy little bird

  • I spoke to my grandma this weekend and she managed to find a chair bootie pattern online so her new floors have been saved.  Thanks to all who pitched in.
  • The great excitement around here is the sprouting of our cucumber and zucchini seeds!
    Defying all that greyness out there.

    Defying all that greyness out there.

    We’re off to a composting info session so that we can turn these little cuties into monster cukes!