Exciting news! I am officially going to visit Erin in Edmonton, sister-in-law Meaghan in Whistler and Robyn in Seattle – with bonus Portland and Vancouver trips – in just under two months!  This went from an “I hope” plan to an honest to goodness trip when West Jet and Air Canada both announced seat sales.  Now I just have to scramble some money together for hotels in Portland and Vancouver and for spending on copious amounts of yarn and fabric.  So scary and fun!  Where should I go?  What should I see?

I took some pictures of other stuff to tell you about but I don’t care about them now that I’m actually going to the West coast after years of griping about how much I want to go.*

Lace Ribbon Scarf in Artfibers Hana

Lace Ribbon Scarf in Artfibers Hana

Matzo Toffee.  The container is now almost empty, just two hours later.

Matzo Toffee. Just two hours later the container is almost empty.

*I did drive from San Diego to Kingston, Ontario with my parents when we moved from the former to the later, so I have been to some of these places, but I was six and don’t remember most of it.