The Lace Ribbon Scarf is finished and contrary to every other scarf I’ve ever made it’s looooong.

Thats 94 inches of lace my friends

That's 94 inches of lace my friends

Once I had memorized the pattern it was actually a pretty enjoyable knit.  The Artfibers Hana is lovely but man did it bleed when I soaked it!



I took some modelled shots but I scrapped them because to be honest I’m getting sick of seeing photos of my newly acquired double chin.  This has also led me to wander away from 365 already.  I miss the unintentional exercise that living in a city and not owning a car brings.  I also really need to curb the boredom-induced baking and snacking but it’s a tough habit to break (especially when I enjoy sweets so much).  Gah!  Thanks for listening to my moaning!