I kept true to my vow of more sewing with a project that’s been popping up everywhere; the Summer Blouse from Heather Ross’s amazing Weekend Sewing that I treated myself to a few weeks ago.

Such a romantic setting

Such a romantic setting


  • It’s very comfy.  Michelle and Alex gave me this fabric for my birthday last year and it’s got a nice stretch.
  • Even though I worked on this obsessively yesterday I really took my time with the details and redid things if they looked crappy contrary to my usual slovenly process.
  • There are no collars or buttonholes or many other little details to slow you down.

    Im laughing at Bowie sticking his head in a drainpipe.

    I'm laughing at Bowie sticking his head in a drainpipe.


  • The print is a bit much here, I think.
  • Despite my best efforts at taking my time, my machine was stitching a little wonky and I only had dark brown thread so it still looks a little amateurish.  C’est la vie I guess.
  • The pattern needed a lot of mods to look decent on me and would need a lot more to be super wearable.  The sleeves are freakishly long, the body is pretty short and wide and the neck is really high.  I redid the sleeve hem a few times, eventually cutting off about an inch and a half and doing a wide hem and they’re still long.  I have them rolled up three or four times here.  I ended up unpicking the wide hem recommended in the pattern and doing a very narrow hem to make it an acceptable length but next time I would add at least another two inches.  The original neckline looked crappy on me so I simply used my french curve to cut a scooped line and reattached some of the bias binding.  This would have been a major headache if there was a collar.
  • The contrasting bias binding took me hours.  I hate making my own bias binding.

In conclusion:

  • I don’t think I would make this again because it’s not very flattering on me but if I did I think I would splurge and by a cute Liberty Tana Lawn print like the one used in the book, or this adorable one model Jess Yarnmonster used or this one that I’ve been coveting like crazy.  I used to think Liberty prints were very Laura Ashley circa 1992 but I’m definitely coming around.