• I got in to the Cookie A class!  As if there could be more icing on that cake Robyn is also giving me the class as an early birthday gift!!!
  • After discussing with Robyn all the places we’re going to shop and eat in Seattle in Portland I am now 100% excited for this trip.  Money be damned I am going to paint the Western coast of this continent red.
  • On a sad note, I tried to add a panel to my room slippers and ended up rendering them unwearable.  I really took my time in the repair but it just didn’t take.  Le sigh.
  • On the finishing steps I ran out of yarn again on Pioneer.  Le sigh double. Ilovemath saves the day again by sending me more yarn.
  • In the meantime I finished another pair of plain purse socks.
  • Brought to you by substitute teaching.

    Brought to you by substitute teaching.

    The yarn is the Paca Peds in Fireside that my mom got me in California.  Sixty stitches, twisted rib cuff.

  • I read Jane Eyre last week and I really, really loved it.  After an English degree literature can seem like a bit of a slog but I couldn’t believe how the book sucked me in.  Definitely an all time fave.
  • I need a recipe for hamburger and hot dog buns.  I am having no luck finding one on my own that rises and doesn’t taste really sweet.
  • This Pasta with Cauliflower and Feta is my new go-to weeknight recipe.  Delish.
  • I was on a jag of watching movies that I really hated so I switched to documentaries and have landed on some really good ones.
  • The new Jarvis Cocker and Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums are amazing.  If you have any other recommendations for me please do tell.
  • I shortened the sleeves on my Summer Blouse and I’m a lot happier with it now.  I’m wearing it at this very moment.
  • Melina very kindly sent me A Homemade Life and I can’t wait to dive in.  Which is kind of funny because I’ve never read Molly’s blog.
  • Erin also sent me a package which included a pack of coloured pencils.  I thought that was so cute.
  • I love this format.  Apparently paragraphs intimidate me.