• This weekend Chris did some crazy landscaping in our ugly front yard while I complained about hang nails and ruining my complexion.  It’s still a work in progress but he did finish an anal retentive fire pit!   I am struggling with wanting to roast marshmallows but not wanting to eat gelatin.  We’ll see who wins.

    Bowie is not impressed by fire.

  • There was also a sad little fair here this weekend that we spent a good five minutes at.

    We both agreed that if it took a carnie twenty minutes to install a ferris wheel we would not be riding it.

  • I made butter! It was insanely easy.  The instruction I used were from Bust a couple months back but there are plenty of websites and blogs that give you directions.
  • Right after I won Sew What Bags I won a Splityarn bag from Caro!

    I really should have bought a lottery ticket that week.

  • Pioneer is still benched so I started another pair of socks with Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream in Blue Vesuvius.

    They are the Show-off Stranded socks and they're even prettier in real life.

  • I leave for my trip in one week today!  As it turns out I will be spending three days in Whistler with my sister-in-law and only one night in Portland.  I’m a little bummed about Portland but really there are worse things in life.
  • Neko Case is playing the Winnipeg Folk Festival and I would love to go but it’s three days after I arrive home and I predict all of my pocket money will have already been spent on fabric and gourmet pizza.