All I can say about this is blergh.

This was supposed to be a quick and cute summer project to use up my recycled yarn from Picovoli – another summer fail.  First, I ran out of yarn twice and had to put it aside while more in a different dye lot came in the mail and now I’m not bowled over by the outcome.

The major issue is the neckline.  It’s way, way, way too big.  Right now I’m sitting down and the base of the neck is sitting in my lap.  It irks me because all the small / extra-small projects I see on Ravelry seem to have a regular v-neck that lands just at the bust and all the larger sizes are droopy.  I have to maneuver it very carefully to hide my bra strap.  It also visually adds width to my bust which I really don’t need.

I’m not confident that I can fix it. I only have a tiny bit of yarn left over and I think if I reknit the whole thing the yarn will self destruct.

I also hate that 90% of all the summer tops I own seem to require a camisole.  What’s the point of wearing a t-shirt in warm weather if you have to layer it up?

Pattern: Pioneer by K-bomb, Knitty Spring ’09

Yarn: Eden Yarn Madil in Mint (unknown number of skeins)

Needles: 3.75 mm Clover circs and DPNs

It is a really quick knit.  It probably took me less that two weeks of actual knitting time.  I’m also pretty proud of the crochet neckline.  I tried to tackle it at 10 pm after a day  of dealing with eighth graders and came thisclose to just doing a seed stitch neckline but I finally got it after scouring all my vintage needlework books.  There really seems to be a dearth of information online about crochet compared to knitting.

I’m working on some really big bloggy changes that I hope to have finalized before I leave for my trip.  I’m excited.  Stay tuned.