Chris likes it.  It doesn’t fall off my shoulders but feels a bit Northern Reflections to me.

I think another issue is that it’s too big around the waist.  It makes me look very boxy.  I thought the little cable panels would be enough waist shaping but apparently not.

The alarm is set for 3:45 am.  Why I booked such an early flight when I have to drive two hours to the airport and when I’m flying back in time two hours is a mystery to me.  If you’re in Vancouver tomorrow you can find me dozing off in various coffee shops all around the city.

I’m sure my generous friends will allow me use of their wireless from time to time but I’m going to try to forget about my e-mail for the next two weeks so don’t hate me if I don’t respond to your comments right away.  Take care my lovlies and I will see some of you very soon!