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It’s been raining constantly here so I’m in the middle of a few small projects.  Unfortunately I have  nothing to show yet but that’s no reason to hoard links and little updates.

  • I’ve never been a huge mayonnaise fan.  Again, the tanginess.  Blech.  But I do enjoy potato salad now and then so I picked up Hellman’s with Olive Oil due to it’s non-scary ingredients list.  This stuff is delicious.  It’s so creamy I could almost stir it in to my tea.  Highly recommended.
  • My new favourite show is Hung.  O.k., that’s a total lie.  While I do enjoy Jane Adams as a pimp my actual new favourite show is Gossip Girl.  I started watching it when Chris was on nights and I am now obsessed to the point where I have to limit myself to sharing two to three GG related tidbits a day.  Do you know how hard it is to work the fact that Ed Westwick is actually British into a conversation?  Not very, apparently.  I feel like a fifteen year old fan girl.  Except that I tried desperately to convince my sixteen year old sister to watch the show so that I’d have someone to talk to about it and she was having none of it.
  • These cinnamon oat pancakes are my new favourite breakfast.  I never want to eat a plain pancake again.  Waste of my time.  They make a ton so I’ve been cooking them all up, freezing them, and heating them up during the week.
  • I borrowed a pile of books from the Cannon Public Library, informally known as Erin and Braden’s guest bedroom and I’m plowing my way through them.  I first read Cat’s Cradle, which was good, although none of his other books ever bowl me over like Slaughterhouse 5 did when I read it in university.  Next, I tried Switch Bitch despite concerns that it would crush all of my childhood memories but I totally loved it.  I filled my Amazon Wish List with other Dahl short story books and can’t wait to pick some up.  Now, I’m finally reading The Golden Compass after hearing so much about His Dark Materials for so many years.  I had already seen the movie so I was a bit bored at first but now I’m enjoying it.  Hooray for summer reading!  What are you reading?
  • Mashed potatoes are one of my ultimate all time favourite foods.  I thought I was doing an o.k. job whipping them up without a recipe so I let this one languish for months in my recipe bookmarks.  I am totally kicking myself now.  A-mazing.
  • My dearest Robyn has a new blog.  Check it!
  • I am way behind on this one but if you’re interested in quilting or are a beginner like me you must check out Oh, Fransson’s quilt-along posts.  So very helpful.
  • I just found out that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have announced that they will play Born to Run in it’s entirety in Chicago in September.  I wish there some way to be unemployed for the summer and still get paid so I could go lose my mind with a large assembly of WASPy, middle aged, working class heroes.
  • And, because I hate a pictureless post, here’s one of the paper banner I made for Chris a few weeks back:

*How very droll!  Because, you see, I made another pair of Monkeys:

Yes, I have gazillions of exotic patterns in the queue but after starting Cookie’s Vilai on bamboo needles my wrists and head almost exploded simultaneously and I had to put them aside until some nickel plated dpns arrive.  These, on the other hand, were fun, quick and easy. I needed that.

After finishing them last night I decided to rip out the picot bind off I had added to my Rusted Root in favour of the prescribed ribbed edging.

My first Monkeys also had a picot bind off and while I love the look, it’s just flexible enough to fit my curves.

I’ve also continued to explore my love/hate relationship with quilting.

This time around I picked a much simpler pattern at a smaller scale which resulted in a finished quilt top yesterday afternoon!  I’m not going to show it to you though.  That would make the final product a bit anticlimactic.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to put it all together until I get into the city and get some batting, which will have to wait until the after-vacation poverty wears off.  Here’s another teaser:

Get excited!

An update on the bad birthday cake: Chris and I agree that the tangy / sourness really mellowed after a day in the fridge.  This is excellent because we still have a large hunk of it in the fridge.

Chris is working nights this weekend which is always results in me eating my feelings and hitting the Google Reader next button every half a second so, please, for my sake, update your blogs this weekend.  I thank you.

On this fated day in 1980 both me and Gisele Bündchen were born. The similarities are staggering from there on out.

Chris made me a big ‘ole cake!  To be honest neither of us were huge fans.  Tanginess and I are not on good terms and the amount of sour cream in the icing lends it a pronounced tang.

That fabulous tablecloth is from Erin via Etsy.  I love it to bits.  You can see more pictures here.

I’m also told that a set of Knit Picks Interchangeables is on it’s way.  Goodie!

It was a quiet day.  Celebrations definitely make it tough to be away from family and friends.  This has been a rocky year so I can look forward with some confidence to twenty-nine being better!

The last three days were beyond unseasonable here.  Rain, clouds and frigid temperatures had me inside sewing.

Before my trip I cut the pieces for yet another Simplicity 4077 out of fabric Erin sent me ages ago so the worst part was over and I could sit down to sew!

Here is me pre-breakfast and brushed teeth, bleary-eyed and puffy.  You’re welcome.

I made a whole lot of modifications this time around.  I combined two views to get the sleeve and collar combination that I wanted.  Then, I cut a v-neck which always suits me better.

I used red thread because I thought it would be a nice contrast with the blue.

I also ended up doing a contrasting red linen on the collar facing.  We’ll pretend this isn’t because I ran out of my main fabric.

You can also see above that I added a little collar stand to make up for the extra neck width that the v-neck created.

I also didn’t interface anything after reading Melissa’s post here. I realized that many of the my garments with interfaced pieces often ended up crinkly and weird after a few washes. Plus it’s cheaper!

Also, I tacked down the button band facing with an invisicible hand stitch, which is strangely not prescribed in the pattern.  Look at me paying attention to detail!

Here’s a close up of the perhaps  juvenile plastic buttons I picked up on Etsy.

Featuring my worst buttonhole job.  Whoops.

I really took my time with this and I’m pleased with the results!

Have a great weekend my friends.  Tune in Monday for a very special Blossom Whistlepea on a special day!

I blame Robyn.  I dragged her to craft stores and she dragged me to every home store on the Western seaboard.  I may have dragged my feet and whined a little.  But then I started to realize something.  Robyn is a grown up. Grown ups buy things to make their homes presentable to their family and friends.  A snotty voice spoke to me.  It said: “Hey, guess what Amy?  You’re about to turn 29 and you don’t have a decent ware in your ugly house.  Your idea of a serving dish is a chipped Ikea 365 dinner plate you got nine years ago.  Bravo, dumbass.”

When I arrived at Erin’s the parade of lovely housewares continued.  She has every piece of Polish pottery ever glazed.

So, I went with my first instinct and drove to Ikea, which the province of Manitoba is totally devoid of.  And I was bored.

And so, I dragged our foursome to a series of antique and thrift shops and a new obsession was born.

It started with the smaller two delphite Pyrex Piecrust pattern plates bought at an antiques store for $16 a piece.  Then we found the larger version at Value Village for $5.99.  Craziness!  Chris’s jadite tea cup and the yellow dish were picked up an antique  / junk shop and the white Pyrex side plates were found at the same Value Village for $2.49.  We also found a milk glass vase there but I forgot to include it in the photo.  The bud vase is from Ikea.  Old habits die hard.

I am now in search of a sugar bowl and creamer, a large, rectangular, yellow table cloth with scalloped edges, more dinner plates (but not necessarily in the same pattern), and just about anything else that catches my fancy.

Another awesome Value Village score without the same visual charm is a totally unused French yogurt maker!

Unfortunately, I forgot to buy starter and a few key instructions are eluding us but I hope to try it out real soon.

Hooray for playing grown-up!

I finally finished my Show off Stranded socks!

There are so pretty in the Celestial Merino Dream.

The pattern wasn’t the easiest to follow but the stitch pattern was easy to memorize which equalled a fun knit.

Oh look what’s this?

Why it’s a big pile ‘o Cookie A socks!

The class was informative but a little hurried.  The shop staff were very sweet.  They even had wine and cheese for us afterwards!

Edited to add: my newish WordPress format is cutting off my photos which is pissing me off.  I’m hoping to find blog satisfaction soon.  I will most definitely keep you posted.

I don’t even want to be around me 24/7 so I knew my friends deserved prizes for giving it a try.

Firstly, I knit them some dishcloths out of Bernat Organic Cotton.

I sewed some little loops onto the corners with some Japanese twill tape I picked up on Etsy, just to hammer the eco theme to death.

And because I was deep in my Weekend Sewing phase I made them each an apron.

I forgot to take pictures of Robyn’s apron until the evening before I left, hence the crappy kitchen photos.   I was proud of this one because I used scraps of Robert Kaufmann’s Kitchy Kitchen fabric and an old Gap skirt for the main fabric. Also, say hello to Robyn’s new attention-seeking puppy Moose.

Let’s take a moment and give it up for Erin who could not be any cuter modelling hers.

You may recognize this vintage fabric from my trip to Regina last summer.

They were pleased, I was pleased but I was even more excited about continuing Erin’s knitting lesson where it had left off at Christmas ’07 with only skeins of Cascade 220 wound into balls.

I convinced her that a hat would be more fun than a scarf and helped her buy the circular needles but I forgot all about the need for dpns.  Oops.  But just look at that crazy progress in just an hour or so!  You can do it!

I’m back!  Some results:

  • I spent way too much money.  My Visa aches.
  • I want to move STAT. Preferable to Vancouver.  Preferably after I get a generous benefactor.
  • People in Portland are so friendly.
  • I spent my sixth wedding anniversary with Cookie A.  I am a bad spouse.
  • Books + vintage housewares = new shopping obsession (I refer you again to point 1).
  • I did not buy any yarn.  I know, right?
  • A memory card that only holds 75 photos is restrictive to say the least.

But I do have photographic proof of my galavants:

Beautiful Vancouver.  Made me feel like a chump for living anywhere but there.

Beautiful Vancouver. Made me feel like a chump for living anywhere but there.

Whistler.  Breathtaking but is it wrong to say too clean?

Whistler. Breathtaking but a little too clean.

Portland.  The most beautiful homes and gardens. Ill take two.

Portland. The most beautiful homes and gardens. I'll take two.

Seattle.  Is it wrong that I felt a little disapointed that it was sunny and thirty degrees?

Seattle. Is it wrong that I felt a little disapointed that it was sunny and thirty degrees?

Elk Island outside of Edmonton.  Bison are scary.

Elk Island outside of Edmonton. Bison are scary.

You can see all sixty-eight photos here.  I’ll be back real soon with my handmade hostess gifts and more summer fun.

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