I blame Robyn.  I dragged her to craft stores and she dragged me to every home store on the Western seaboard.  I may have dragged my feet and whined a little.  But then I started to realize something.  Robyn is a grown up. Grown ups buy things to make their homes presentable to their family and friends.  A snotty voice spoke to me.  It said: “Hey, guess what Amy?  You’re about to turn 29 and you don’t have a decent ware in your ugly house.  Your idea of a serving dish is a chipped Ikea 365 dinner plate you got nine years ago.  Bravo, dumbass.”

When I arrived at Erin’s the parade of lovely housewares continued.  She has every piece of Polish pottery ever glazed.

So, I went with my first instinct and drove to Ikea, which the province of Manitoba is totally devoid of.  And I was bored.

And so, I dragged our foursome to a series of antique and thrift shops and a new obsession was born.

It started with the smaller two delphite Pyrex Piecrust pattern plates bought at an antiques store for $16 a piece.  Then we found the larger version at Value Village for $5.99.  Craziness!  Chris’s jadite tea cup and the yellow dish were picked up an antique  / junk shop and the white Pyrex side plates were found at the same Value Village for $2.49.  We also found a milk glass vase there but I forgot to include it in the photo.  The bud vase is from Ikea.  Old habits die hard.

I am now in search of a sugar bowl and creamer, a large, rectangular, yellow table cloth with scalloped edges, more dinner plates (but not necessarily in the same pattern), and just about anything else that catches my fancy.

Another awesome Value Village score without the same visual charm is a totally unused French yogurt maker!

Unfortunately, I forgot to buy starter and a few key instructions are eluding us but I hope to try it out real soon.

Hooray for playing grown-up!