The last three days were beyond unseasonable here.  Rain, clouds and frigid temperatures had me inside sewing.

Before my trip I cut the pieces for yet another Simplicity 4077 out of fabric Erin sent me ages ago so the worst part was over and I could sit down to sew!

Here is me pre-breakfast and brushed teeth, bleary-eyed and puffy.  You’re welcome.

I made a whole lot of modifications this time around.  I combined two views to get the sleeve and collar combination that I wanted.  Then, I cut a v-neck which always suits me better.

I used red thread because I thought it would be a nice contrast with the blue.

I also ended up doing a contrasting red linen on the collar facing.  We’ll pretend this isn’t because I ran out of my main fabric.

You can also see above that I added a little collar stand to make up for the extra neck width that the v-neck created.

I also didn’t interface anything after reading Melissa’s post here. I realized that many of the my garments with interfaced pieces often ended up crinkly and weird after a few washes. Plus it’s cheaper!

Also, I tacked down the button band facing with an invisicible hand stitch, which is strangely not prescribed in the pattern.  Look at me paying attention to detail!

Here’s a close up of the perhaps  juvenile plastic buttons I picked up on Etsy.

Featuring my worst buttonhole job.  Whoops.

I really took my time with this and I’m pleased with the results!

Have a great weekend my friends.  Tune in Monday for a very special Blossom Whistlepea on a special day!