*How very droll!  Because, you see, I made another pair of Monkeys:

Yes, I have gazillions of exotic patterns in the queue but after starting Cookie’s Vilai on bamboo needles my wrists and head almost exploded simultaneously and I had to put them aside until some nickel plated dpns arrive.  These, on the other hand, were fun, quick and easy. I needed that.

After finishing them last night I decided to rip out the picot bind off I had added to my Rusted Root in favour of the prescribed ribbed edging.

My first Monkeys also had a picot bind off and while I love the look, it’s just flexible enough to fit my curves.

I’ve also continued to explore my love/hate relationship with quilting.

This time around I picked a much simpler pattern at a smaller scale which resulted in a finished quilt top yesterday afternoon!  I’m not going to show it to you though.  That would make the final product a bit anticlimactic.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to put it all together until I get into the city and get some batting, which will have to wait until the after-vacation poverty wears off.  Here’s another teaser:

Get excited!

An update on the bad birthday cake: Chris and I agree that the tangy / sourness really mellowed after a day in the fridge.  This is excellent because we still have a large hunk of it in the fridge.

Chris is working nights this weekend which is always results in me eating my feelings and hitting the Google Reader next button every half a second so, please, for my sake, update your blogs this weekend.  I thank you.