It’s been raining constantly here so I’m in the middle of a few small projects.  Unfortunately I have  nothing to show yet but that’s no reason to hoard links and little updates.

  • I’ve never been a huge mayonnaise fan.  Again, the tanginess.  Blech.  But I do enjoy potato salad now and then so I picked up Hellman’s with Olive Oil due to it’s non-scary ingredients list.  This stuff is delicious.  It’s so creamy I could almost stir it in to my tea.  Highly recommended.
  • My new favourite show is Hung.  O.k., that’s a total lie.  While I do enjoy Jane Adams as a pimp my actual new favourite show is Gossip Girl.  I started watching it when Chris was on nights and I am now obsessed to the point where I have to limit myself to sharing two to three GG related tidbits a day.  Do you know how hard it is to work the fact that Ed Westwick is actually British into a conversation?  Not very, apparently.  I feel like a fifteen year old fan girl.  Except that I tried desperately to convince my sixteen year old sister to watch the show so that I’d have someone to talk to about it and she was having none of it.
  • These cinnamon oat pancakes are my new favourite breakfast.  I never want to eat a plain pancake again.  Waste of my time.  They make a ton so I’ve been cooking them all up, freezing them, and heating them up during the week.
  • I borrowed a pile of books from the Cannon Public Library, informally known as Erin and Braden’s guest bedroom and I’m plowing my way through them.  I first read Cat’s Cradle, which was good, although none of his other books ever bowl me over like Slaughterhouse 5 did when I read it in university.  Next, I tried Switch Bitch despite concerns that it would crush all of my childhood memories but I totally loved it.  I filled my Amazon Wish List with other Dahl short story books and can’t wait to pick some up.  Now, I’m finally reading The Golden Compass after hearing so much about His Dark Materials for so many years.  I had already seen the movie so I was a bit bored at first but now I’m enjoying it.  Hooray for summer reading!  What are you reading?
  • Mashed potatoes are one of my ultimate all time favourite foods.  I thought I was doing an o.k. job whipping them up without a recipe so I let this one languish for months in my recipe bookmarks.  I am totally kicking myself now.  A-mazing.
  • My dearest Robyn has a new blog.  Check it!
  • I am way behind on this one but if you’re interested in quilting or are a beginner like me you must check out Oh, Fransson’s quilt-along posts.  So very helpful.
  • I just found out that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have announced that they will play Born to Run in it’s entirety in Chicago in September.  I wish there some way to be unemployed for the summer and still get paid so I could go lose my mind with a large assembly of WASPy, middle aged, working class heroes.
  • And, because I hate a pictureless post, here’s one of the paper banner I made for Chris a few weeks back: