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A few weeks ago a new officer moved here with his wife who is also a teacher.  This Tuesday afternoon she called me and mentioned that she had been hired as a grade three teacher at the school on the reserve, which is located right behind my house, but that they initially wanted her for home ec and she was so relieved when she didn’t have to teach it.  I asked if she thought the position was still available and she said she didn’t know but that I should call the school board (which administers a grand total of one school).  So I called the board and no one seems to know if anyone’s been hired but a few minutes later the superintendent showed up at my house and asked me to come in the next morning for an interview.

Wednesday morning I frantically gathered some physical evidence of my craft competence and headed to the school board / grocery store / hair salon for my interview with four board members.  I felt it went well and they said they’d contact me that day to let me know since school started for teachers the following morning.

By eight that night I still hadn’t heard anything when the phone rang.  It was Chris’ coworker’s wife calling to ask if I had heard anything. I said no she said that she had been at the board office and they had told her that I had the job.  Huh?

In conclusion, as of yesterday morning I am a full time permanent home ec teacher.

And I am freaking out.

I do have a beautiful room with amazing Janome sewing and embroidery machines and a pretty hefty fabric budget.  I do not have a working computer with which to type lesson plans or course outline, any knowledge of where the staff room is, or a clue as to what I am going to do.  School starts Tuesday.

See you when I can breathe again.


My dad’s birthday was on Friday and I made him some socks the weekend before, much to the chagrin of my poor wrists.

I’m not entirely pleased with them.  They were meant to be the exact reverse of these socks that I made for Chris but I realized much too late that the cream yarn, Scheepjes Invicta Extra, has a conservative yardage.  I ended up having to cut off one cuff and unravel in order to have enough to complete a short second sock.  My dad seems to like them, although he can’t imagine wearing them in the heatwave they’re having (I have no sympathy – it’s been 14 degrees and rainy here all friggin’ summer).

I’m finally starting to receive my Fall pattern magazines which is always so exciting!  The one I’m most intrigued with is atypical – this sleeveless dress by Sauniell N. Connally from the fall Vogue.

Photo courtesy Vogue Knitting

This photo isn’t so convincing but seeing it in the VK 360 was what did it for me.

My Interweave pick is unsurprisingly Connie Chang Chinchio’s Farmer’s Market Cardigan.  So clever!  I’m also fond of the Big Montana Tunic (although if it makes that skinny model look chunky I shudder to think how it would look on me) and the Maple Street Cardigan.  I’m so happy to see Interweave getting back on track.

Twist is amazing yet again and I’m particularly loving Luminen (without the snowflakes on the back).

I also need to get my hands on Made in Brooklyn and Berroco’s Blackstone Tweed booklet.

So many patterns so little time!

In other news, I’ve swapped my standard brownie recipe for Emily’s and I’m never looking back.

Friday was Chris’s 29th birthday (get ready for a long series of birthday posts – everyone I know was born in August or September). He had hoped to go for a hike and picnic at a local forestry centre so we braved the chilly, grey weather.  I’m glad we did because we had the place to ourselves and had a lovely time.

Chris insisted on stopping at all the markers and reading aloud what they signified.  That got old real fast but it was his special day.



I would be hard pressed to say which of my boys had a better time.

Chris really liked the E-ticket Holder from the newest Stitch Magazine so I gave it a go. Twice, actually, because my first one looked like I made it with my toes.  The second was a marginal improvement.

He also decided he wanted a peanut butter cake and I immediately thought of this one.  He LOVED it.  It is pretty damned good.  I’m afraid all of our cake photos turned out blurry but just look at Deb’s and tell me you don’t want it now.

There are lots more photos of Bowie exploding with happiness over on my Flickr page.  Happy Monday!

I finished my Embossed Leaves socks.

Pattern: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt – Favorite Socks

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fibreworks “Alexandra” – 2 skeins (actually a hotter pink in real life but my camera was having none of it)

Needles: 2.75 mm Clover dpns

These were a fun and quick knit although I was never able to memorize the pattern.

Lookie here!

A truckload of reluctant teens was delivered to our street this morning armed with weedwackers, mowers and ‘tude.  Those five foot weeds are now a rectangle of patchy mulch in our front yard.  It is nice to look outside and not feel like you live in a terrarium.

Guess what!?!

We actually ate something from our sad little garden!  That lettuce is Black-Seeded Simpson heirloom variety that I lovingly reared.

And by lovingly reared I mean cruelly neglected.  We didn’t put much effort into the garden after all the false starts from weeks and weeks of late Spring frost.  We (and by we I mean Chris) weeded a rectangle in the front yard, stuck the seeds in and let them be.  We didn’t use fertilizer or top soil or food or anything that would have resulted in us having more than some sickly looking shoots sprouting now.

My fantasies of eating fresh, free vegetables all summer are dashed but this greek / fatoosh salad hybrid was still the highlight of my day.  That, and homemade falafel and homemade pita with amazing homemade garlic sauce.  Thug life!

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