Guess what!?!

We actually ate something from our sad little garden!  That lettuce is Black-Seeded Simpson heirloom variety that I lovingly reared.

And by lovingly reared I mean cruelly neglected.  We didn’t put much effort into the garden after all the false starts from weeks and weeks of late Spring frost.  We (and by we I mean Chris) weeded a rectangle in the front yard, stuck the seeds in and let them be.  We didn’t use fertilizer or top soil or food or anything that would have resulted in us having more than some sickly looking shoots sprouting now.

My fantasies of eating fresh, free vegetables all summer are dashed but this greek / fatoosh salad hybrid was still the highlight of my day.  That, and homemade falafel and homemade pita with amazing homemade garlic sauce.  Thug life!