Friday was Chris’s 29th birthday (get ready for a long series of birthday posts – everyone I know was born in August or September). He had hoped to go for a hike and picnic at a local forestry centre so we braved the chilly, grey weather.  I’m glad we did because we had the place to ourselves and had a lovely time.

Chris insisted on stopping at all the markers and reading aloud what they signified.  That got old real fast but it was his special day.



I would be hard pressed to say which of my boys had a better time.

Chris really liked the E-ticket Holder from the newest Stitch Magazine so I gave it a go. Twice, actually, because my first one looked like I made it with my toes.  The second was a marginal improvement.

He also decided he wanted a peanut butter cake and I immediately thought of this one.  He LOVED it.  It is pretty damned good.  I’m afraid all of our cake photos turned out blurry but just look at Deb’s and tell me you don’t want it now.

There are lots more photos of Bowie exploding with happiness over on my Flickr page.  Happy Monday!