A few weeks ago a new officer moved here with his wife who is also a teacher.  This Tuesday afternoon she called me and mentioned that she had been hired as a grade three teacher at the school on the reserve, which is located right behind my house, but that they initially wanted her for home ec and she was so relieved when she didn’t have to teach it.  I asked if she thought the position was still available and she said she didn’t know but that I should call the school board (which administers a grand total of one school).  So I called the board and no one seems to know if anyone’s been hired but a few minutes later the superintendent showed up at my house and asked me to come in the next morning for an interview.

Wednesday morning I frantically gathered some physical evidence of my craft competence and headed to the school board / grocery store / hair salon for my interview with four board members.  I felt it went well and they said they’d contact me that day to let me know since school started for teachers the following morning.

By eight that night I still hadn’t heard anything when the phone rang.  It was Chris’ coworker’s wife calling to ask if I had heard anything. I said no she said that she had been at the board office and they had told her that I had the job.  Huh?

In conclusion, as of yesterday morning I am a full time permanent home ec teacher.

And I am freaking out.

I do have a beautiful room with amazing Janome sewing and embroidery machines and a pretty hefty fabric budget.  I do not have a working computer with which to type lesson plans or course outline, any knowledge of where the staff room is, or a clue as to what I am going to do.  School starts Tuesday.

See you when I can breathe again.