I just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for their super sweet comments about the new job.  I would come home tired and stressed and when I saw them in my inbox it would perk me right up.

I would love to say that I made the transition from lying around watching American Justice and painting my nails to getting up to a shrieking alarm and spending my day trying to locate a safety vest, pleading with students to give me a sign that they’re still breathing and shoving cold cafeteria fries in my mouth gracefully but mostly I’ve been a big whiny nerveball.

But now it’s the long weekend and Bowie’s finally getting a little exercise, some deadline knitting is getting a little attention and my teaching replay dreams are getting shorter every night. Yesterday marked ten years since Chris and I met and we were actually able to drive to a nicer town and have dinner followed by ice cream and a lovely walk because we had both acted like responsible adults all week and had gotten out of bed to go to a job.

I promise I won’t be a stranger and I hope you won’t be one either.