Between all of Sagan’s baby clothes that Michelle and Alex kindly gave us, the Threadless t-shirt that arrived in the mail from Erin the moment we broke the news and the big packet of onesies, baby pants and “i love grandma” bib that came from mum yesterday, there was really no need for this:

But it was all I could do not to throw those stupid, boring socks aside and cast on for some baby bell bottoms once the first trimester past and my superstition allowed me to start thinking this was all very real.  Then, I had a whole lot of the gorgeous Arequipa that Melina sent left over and decided a matching hat was in order.

It’s my Isolde pattern but with a whole lot more repeats thrown in because either Socks that Rock is way thicker than Arequipa or I was drunk when I wrote that pattern because three repeats was not gonna make a hat to cover a newborn’s cone head.

With that, I think the baby knitting will be put on hold until we know the sex because all of my stashed yarn seems to be pink and / or purple and I’m not up for making any strong statements if it’s a boy.