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  • We found a great home in the city for the puppy.  We thought it was going to be heartbreaking to turn her over but once we met the owner and saw her home we felt really great about it. Phew!
  • Chris and I tried making these ornaments yesterday and they were a total disaster from start to finish. Crafter beware. Now we need something to make to give as little gifts with a limited palate of Martha Stewart glitter.
  • Friday night we went to the little Santa Clause parade in town and then I made the annually much anticipated Newfoundland Cheese Biscuits.  If you haven’t tried them yet please do.  They’re totally addictive.
  • I keep meaning to apologize for not responding to everyone’s comments but WordPress has once again changed their commenting system and has made it a major pain.
  • My blanket is half finished!  I can’t wait to bind off.  I’m aiming to have it finished by December 10th when we have our big twenty week ultrasound where we’ll find out the baby’s sex.  Then I can really start cranking out the baby clothing.
  • We’re trying Tofurky for the first time tonight.  I have low expectations but Chris is intrigued so we’ll see.

I was motoring along on the big chunky blanket and by this time I fully expected to have glorious blanket photos for you but then I hit a snag in the form of a nasty feverish flu.  I have not heard yet whether it was The Flu or just a flu but regardless it knocked me over just when Chris had left for a course three hours away. Now I’m fully recovered and back to work where on day one I was greeted by this pathetic soul sitting outside the school doors:

She was still mooning about at lunch and I was told had been since Friday and, of course, she has ended up at my home.  She is trying her best to needle her way into our sucker hearts but with the baby on the way and Bowie, who constantly wants to pounce on her head in a desperate attempt to insight a play fight, she is a temporary resident only. Tomorrow we’re going to bring her into the city to see an interested couple and if that doesn’t work out she will go to a local shelter.  It’s breaking both of our hearts but I keep telling myself at least she’s not shivering outside in the snow.  I am not very convinced by myself.

I’ve wanted to make the Bousta Beret ever since I saw Christy’s version well over a year ago.  I even loved the colour she chose.  But the yarn proved hard to locate until a kind shop owner in Edmonton offered to order it in and Erin kindly offered to ship it off to me. Finally, it is mine.

I did screw up and forget some of the purl bumps but I love it anyway.  I wore it to the city on Friday and I felt very chic for a change.  The Sublime Angora Merino is so very soft. I would love to make a big comfy cardigan out of it someday.

For now I’ve tackled a long overdue project.  We’ve been using an ugly fleece throw from Ikea or Zellers for probably six or seven years now.  It’s my knitterly secret shame  Every year I say I’m going to replace it but every winter sweater projects get in the way.  This year I’m not making many garments until I see how this baby grows (more on that later) so I finally had an excuse to order a big pile of Classic Elite Aspen on closeout from Webs and some twelve millimetre interchangeables from Knit Picks and away I go.

It’s going to be cabled chunky softness all around.  I’m making up the pattern based on a vague memory of an acrylic throw I spied at Chapters a few weeks ago.  I’ve already made my way through two of the eighteen balls of yarn so it should be a quick knit.

Ingrid has been diligently posting a baby progress shot every week over on Flickr and I thought it was high time I get in the game. Except that I’ve been taking photos for two days now and exasperatedly deleting them because either my hair looks crazy, my butt looks huge, I think I’m smiling sweetly but I’m actually scowling menacingly or my face suddenly got fatter when I wasn’t looking.  Usually  it’s a combo. Bravo to Ingrid for her diligence.  I don’t see this becoming a habit for me.

16 weeks

See? I honestly thought I was smiling here. I’m hopeless.

You may remember me saucily hinting at a summery quilt in the works back in July and then seemingly abandoning the project.  The truth is I ran out of batting, then when batting was secured I realized I had no safety pins, which then took weeks to arrive, and then I held out for a walking foot.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living in a remote area it’s that running out of supplies is not an easily rectified problem.

Well, wait no more! Set your clocks back to summer because the Darla quilt is finally done.

It measures about seventy by fifty-four inches.  Not that we own a Double or Twin bed.

The Tanya Whelan fat quarters were sent by Melina in June, the white cotton for the sashing and backing and the binding fabric (from the Sweet line by Urban Chicks) were purchased at Fabric Depot in Portland in a total panic because I could not for the life of me recall what the fat quarters looked like at all. I think they match pretty well despite my poor planning.

I hate to chop up fabrics I really like so I chose to leave the pieces pretty much whole, using the Avalon pattern from Material Obsession (also from Melina!) for the front.  The pattern in the book was quilted all over in a random floral pattern but I don’t have the right machine foot for that nor the skills.  Instead, I stitched a foots length on either side of the rows, making a sort of double ditch.

I’m still not completely convinced that quilting is a craft I’m well suited to.  But, I still have a few fat quarters of my beloved  My Folklore fabric (which has apparently been discontinued!)  and a bit of coordinating linen so I may tackle a small baby quilt and then I quit! For now.

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