I’ve wanted to make the Bousta Beret ever since I saw Christy’s version well over a year ago.  I even loved the colour she chose.  But the yarn proved hard to locate until a kind shop owner in Edmonton offered to order it in and Erin kindly offered to ship it off to me. Finally, it is mine.

I did screw up and forget some of the purl bumps but I love it anyway.  I wore it to the city on Friday and I felt very chic for a change.  The Sublime Angora Merino is so very soft. I would love to make a big comfy cardigan out of it someday.

For now I’ve tackled a long overdue project.  We’ve been using an ugly fleece throw from Ikea or Zellers for probably six or seven years now.  It’s my knitterly secret shame  Every year I say I’m going to replace it but every winter sweater projects get in the way.  This year I’m not making many garments until I see how this baby grows (more on that later) so I finally had an excuse to order a big pile of Classic Elite Aspen on closeout from Webs and some twelve millimetre interchangeables from Knit Picks and away I go.

It’s going to be cabled chunky softness all around.  I’m making up the pattern based on a vague memory of an acrylic throw I spied at Chapters a few weeks ago.  I’ve already made my way through two of the eighteen balls of yarn so it should be a quick knit.

Ingrid has been diligently posting a baby progress shot every week over on Flickr and I thought it was high time I get in the game. Except that I’ve been taking photos for two days now and exasperatedly deleting them because either my hair looks crazy, my butt looks huge, I think I’m smiling sweetly but I’m actually scowling menacingly or my face suddenly got fatter when I wasn’t looking.  Usually  it’s a combo. Bravo to Ingrid for her diligence.  I don’t see this becoming a habit for me.

16 weeks

See? I honestly thought I was smiling here. I’m hopeless.