I was motoring along on the big chunky blanket and by this time I fully expected to have glorious blanket photos for you but then I hit a snag in the form of a nasty feverish flu.  I have not heard yet whether it was The Flu or just a flu but regardless it knocked me over just when Chris had left for a course three hours away. Now I’m fully recovered and back to work where on day one I was greeted by this pathetic soul sitting outside the school doors:

She was still mooning about at lunch and I was told had been since Friday and, of course, she has ended up at my home.  She is trying her best to needle her way into our sucker hearts but with the baby on the way and Bowie, who constantly wants to pounce on her head in a desperate attempt to insight a play fight, she is a temporary resident only. Tomorrow we’re going to bring her into the city to see an interested couple and if that doesn’t work out she will go to a local shelter.  It’s breaking both of our hearts but I keep telling myself at least she’s not shivering outside in the snow.  I am not very convinced by myself.