• We found a great home in the city for the puppy.  We thought it was going to be heartbreaking to turn her over but once we met the owner and saw her home we felt really great about it. Phew!
  • Chris and I tried making these ornaments yesterday and they were a total disaster from start to finish. Crafter beware. Now we need something to make to give as little gifts with a limited palate of Martha Stewart glitter.
  • Friday night we went to the little Santa Clause parade in town and then I made the annually much anticipated Newfoundland Cheese Biscuits.  If you haven’t tried them yet please do.  They’re totally addictive.
  • I keep meaning to apologize for not responding to everyone’s comments but WordPress has once again changed their commenting system and has made it a major pain.
  • My blanket is half finished!  I can’t wait to bind off.  I’m aiming to have it finished by December 10th when we have our big twenty week ultrasound where we’ll find out the baby’s sex.  Then I can really start cranking out the baby clothing.
  • We’re trying Tofurky for the first time tonight.  I have low expectations but Chris is intrigued so we’ll see.