After staring at a pile of yarn and a half finished blanket for about three weeks I decided to dive back in on Sunday afternoon and by Monday evening I was all done and kicking my own ass for procrastinating for so long.

The deets:

Yarn: 18 hanks Classic Elite Aspen in colour 1503 from Webs

Needles: 12.75 mm 40″ circular Knit Picks nickel plated Options

Pattern: Improvised.  I believe I cast on 98 stitches, knit 10 stitches, then purled 12 across the row for five rows, cabled the knit stitches on the sixth row alternating front and back cabling and then cabled every twelfth row until I ran out of yarn. Does that make sense? It measures about 50 by 57 inches.

I couldn’t find any patterns for throws calling for bulky yarn that didn’t have way too much going on. To be honest, I thought I wanted something chunky but I probably could have gone more with an aran weight because this weighs about five pounds.  Seriously. But then it wouldn’t have been so quick and I probably would have lost interest.  I also thought the alpaca would add a bit more buttery softness than it does.  Right now it just adds a whole lot of fuzzy hairs all over everything.

But I could not ask for a cozier, warmer throw.  Tomorrow is the last day of school and by god I need this break.  If you need me I’ll be here until January:

* I realized as soon as I typed out the title that it sounds like the family is chunky rather that the throw but it amused me so it stayed.