I am officially off until January 4th!!! Hate me if you must!  I anticipated that the last two days of class would be a bit quiet and I was correct in that I did not have a single student.  I came prepared with supplies to make these awesome gift pouches.  I only saw the tutorial this week, unfortunately. I had already wrapped all my gifts but they were so much more fun than wrapping paper or drawstring bags I had to try them out anyway.

So cute (even with cheap ugly ribbon)!   I give a lot of the credit to the adorbs Be Merry flannels by Riley Blake.  I have quite a few of the other prints  in the line so I will have to tackle a few more next year.

A couple of tips:

  • Use the thinnest batting you can find.  Mine was pretty light but they’re still pretty pudgy and the class Janome was groaning through some of the steps.
  • Your opening will be on the opposite side of where you sew your initial seam in step 2. This is only important if, like me, you choose to make rectangular bags.
  • It will look neater if you leave your gap for turning on the batting side of the bag as it will be hidden on the inside after you turn it.
  • This is probably common sense to most of you but I’m not so bright lately so it took me a few go rounds to remember to trim my seams and corner so it was neater when I turned it.
  • Also probably common sense but before you sew your velcro it’s a good idea to press the bag as flat as you can. It will look neater.
  • I decided to make most of my bags larger than the one in the tutorial so that you could fit a wider size range of presents in them. The smaller ones do have a higher cute quotient, however.
  • It was impossible for me to pin the velcro to the bag without bending my needles out of shape. This is probably a good place for some fabric glue.
  • This may just be me being selfish but these will not be gifted outside of the house.  The first trial bag took me about 45 minutes and hammering out the last five assembly line style took me about four hours or so.  I would recommend making a few each year until you never have to use gift wrap again (well, except for those chumps who don’t live in your home)!
  • These would make a great laptop case if you make it to measure and maybe fore go the holiday print fabric.
  • They’ve been really handy for sticking in unwrapped packages that come in the mail so they don’t look unsightly under the tree.

Because I’m a sucker for punishment I decided to host an Indian dinner tonight, two days before Chris’s dad and his wife arrive. I now have eternal respect for Indian mums who cook these feasts because it’s Wednesday.  Mad props.