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As soon as I saw Pam’s Snug I knew I had to have one in my life.  I immediately ordered the same yarn she used (Berroco Comfort Chunky) in the same colour from Webs.

When oh when will I learn to get all my toggles in a row?


It is so squishy and soft despite the completely unnatural makeup of the yarn. 

I have to admit that my finishing wasn’t flawless.  I think sometimes I actually prefer knitting in pieces and seaming over all the contortions you have to pull to get a seamless garment to all come together. I think the baby will forgive my odd stockinette row or bulging picked up seam though.


The weather is completely bananapants here today.  The wind howled so loudly last night that it constantly woke me up and snow is blowing so thick and fast that I can barely see across the road.  This has given us the gift of a school closure.  I spent yesterday doing nothing but shifting back and forth trying to alleviate a nagging sciatic pain so I am considering today a do-over.  I’m going to bake the banana bread I neglected, make some soup stock and soup from my new book (thanks mom!) and decide what to cast on for next.

This is the Vanilla soaker pattern by Kelly Brooker in some Manos 100% Wool unravelled from an earflap hat ages ago.  I suspect they’ll be cuter with a baby butt inside.  I’d like to get some undyed wool and make a bunch more.  First, we need to get some more cloth diapers because our inventory yesterday revealed dozens of onesies, tiny t-shirts and swingy jackets and exactly six cloth inserts. I am informed we will need 18-24 more to get us through two days.

I have another project waiting for the buttons sitting on a shelf in the post office under a snow bank but in the meantime I don’t know what to start.  I’m leaning towards these cute things but how useful would they be to a baby due at the end of April? And are small gauge overalls a smart undertaking when the baby will outgrow them in a blink of an eye?  Does their overall blinding charm override any logical arguments? Please discuss.

I am so in love with this quilt it makes my heart hurt.

It also happens to be the most straightforward and simple quilt I’ve ever made, which ups the satisfaction factor.

I am so pleased with how the prints work with the red and natural linen.  It’s so Scandinavian by way of Japan which I LOVE.

I can’t wait to snuggle a warm baby in it.

I checked all of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books out of the library a few years ago and read them all cover to cover but, pathetically, I never had a reason to knit one of her brilliant patterns – until now!

It is, or course, the ever so teeny Baby Surprise Jacket in Socks that Rock Lightweight in Dutch Canyon.  This will probably fit the baby for half a minute but what an adorable thrity seconds it will be.

I found the resources in the Baby Surprise Jacket Wiki page to be helpful.

My garter stitch onslaught will continue onto my next, yet to be started knitting project but this weekend I think I’m going to turn my attention to a baby sized My Folklore quilt.  Wish me luck and happy weekend all you Monday to Fridayers!

I am fortunate enough to have a whole whack of vintage knitting books and leaflets.  Many of them were given to me by Chris’s grandma, Erin has sent a few that she’s found and I’ve bought some at craft sales.  I haven’t found many patterns in them that I’m dying to knit for myself but the baby patterns are always outstanding.  I had a hard time deciding what to make first.  The winner came from this adorable book:

Courtesy of Nana Ditner?

I chose Baby Cardigan number 45 from a tiny black and white picture. I was a little apprehensive about knitting from vintage patterns as I’ve heard the language can be a bit vague and many of the yarns called for tend to be out of production.  Ravelry was a big help in determining that the Kroy Baby Wool prescribed is a fingering weight yarn. I’ve got that in spades.


I had two skeins of Shibui Sock in Roppongi but ended up needing three.  Webs to the rescue! The materials list did not mention a crochet hook but it does have a crochet edging.  Ravelry with the save!  I think it finishes if off rather nicely.

It was a really fun and simple knit and I think it will be stretchy enough to get a lot of wear.

Just a side note: doesn’t it look remarkably similar to this Drops pattern?

It’s back to work for me tomorrow so I guess my lazy days are over.  I did a pretty magnificent job at sleeping until ten and watching hours upon hours of 30 Rock, Mad Men and Breaking Bad while knitting these.

A pair of socks in five days? I do believe my knitting mojo is back.

The yarn was unravelled from these plain socks that were much to big and therefore rarely worn.  They are Crosswalkers since all socks of the chevroned nature enjoy heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

Now it’s full steam ahead on some little baby sweaters for what it turns out is a very kicky girl. I have to admit that I really was crossing my fingers for a girl.  I mean look at all this adorableness.

All photos courtesy of Baby Gap

This kid already has a closet that surpasses mine in quantity and quality.

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