I am fortunate enough to have a whole whack of vintage knitting books and leaflets.  Many of them were given to me by Chris’s grandma, Erin has sent a few that she’s found and I’ve bought some at craft sales.  I haven’t found many patterns in them that I’m dying to knit for myself but the baby patterns are always outstanding.  I had a hard time deciding what to make first.  The winner came from this adorable book:

Courtesy of Nana Ditner?

I chose Baby Cardigan number 45 from a tiny black and white picture. I was a little apprehensive about knitting from vintage patterns as I’ve heard the language can be a bit vague and many of the yarns called for tend to be out of production.  Ravelry was a big help in determining that the Kroy Baby Wool prescribed is a fingering weight yarn. I’ve got that in spades.


I had two skeins of Shibui Sock in Roppongi but ended up needing three.  Webs to the rescue! The materials list did not mention a crochet hook but it does have a crochet edging.  Ravelry with the save!  I think it finishes if off rather nicely.

It was a really fun and simple knit and I think it will be stretchy enough to get a lot of wear.

Just a side note: doesn’t it look remarkably similar to this Drops pattern?