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The weather is completely bananapants here today.  The wind howled so loudly last night that it constantly woke me up and snow is blowing so thick and fast that I can barely see across the road.  This has given us the gift of a school closure.  I spent yesterday doing nothing but shifting back and forth trying to alleviate a nagging sciatic pain so I am considering today a do-over.  I’m going to bake the banana bread I neglected, make some soup stock and soup from my new book (thanks mom!) and decide what to cast on for next.

This is the Vanilla soaker pattern by Kelly Brooker in some Manos 100% Wool unravelled from an earflap hat ages ago.  I suspect they’ll be cuter with a baby butt inside.  I’d like to get some undyed wool and make a bunch more.  First, we need to get some more cloth diapers because our inventory yesterday revealed dozens of onesies, tiny t-shirts and swingy jackets and exactly six cloth inserts. I am informed we will need 18-24 more to get us through two days.

I have another project waiting for the buttons sitting on a shelf in the post office under a snow bank but in the meantime I don’t know what to start.  I’m leaning towards these cute things but how useful would they be to a baby due at the end of April? And are small gauge overalls a smart undertaking when the baby will outgrow them in a blink of an eye?  Does their overall blinding charm override any logical arguments? Please discuss.

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