I think it may be obvious that the coinciding of my first trimester with the first semester of school left my creative life a vague past memory.  As school and morning all day sickness settled down, however I slowly returned to doing the things I love.  Unfortunately, one of the last pursuits to get any attention from me was cooking and baking.  I always told myself that when I did get pregnant all of my bad eating habits would be a thing of the past and I would be a totally responsible, quinoa-eating, yoga-practising mom to be. What actually happened was I would crawl home from work, collapse on the couch in front of the tv and call Chris at work demanding that he bring me nacho chips and queso for dinner.  Poor, malnourished little fetus.

Over the last few weeks I really feel I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. One major dietary victory was kicking my recent secret shame, a raging Pepsi addiction.  Pepsi is like a religion here on the reserve and I was bowing down to it’s sweet shrine on a much too regular basis.  Then I read in the newspaper about a new study suggesting a link between pop and pancreatic cancer, you know the cancer that kills everyone who gets it, and I finally decided I needed to kick the habit.

I also felt a little more energetic at the end of the day and started making bread again.  I’ve been lazy about finding a better storage method than a Ziploc freezer bag even though I totally know that plastic is not a great choice.  I read Amanda’s post about searching for her own solution and her research suggested fabric was the way to go.  Less that twenty minutes later, even with totally screwing up the drawstring’s buttonholes I had a bag of my own, just like some fancy French lady.

I love it in the towelling that I bought at Fabric Depot when I was in Portland. The twill tie is a lesson in why you should always save everything forever because I believe it came from a pair of my pyjama pants.

I would be lying if I were to say that it stays as fresh as it does in plastic but we tend to cut the loaves in half and freeze one and use a lot of the bread for toast so it’s really not a big deal.

Chris also got me this book for Christmas and when I read it this week I realized I need to stop being so lazy and be a lot more cognisant about where my food is coming from.  I had been pretty vigilant about buying organic dairy from humane farmers in Ottawa when probably the best health food grocery store in the city was two blocks away but there are a lot more food choices in an urban area.  Here I’m lucky to find milk that hasn’t expired already.  But it’s important to me that any farms I support are treating their animals humanely not only for the animal’s sake but because the alternative is making people sick from pollutants they produce and diseases that develop so rapidly in such an unnatural environment.  So, we’ve decided to only buy organic dairy when we have access to it and if we can’t get it we go without.  All of this is a long way of saying that I made a vegan cake for Valentine’s Day that even had whole wheat flour and no refined sugar and it was super delicious and did not turn us into dirty hippies.

The recipe is from Peter Berley’s The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen.  A lot of his recipes are actually vegan and they’ve all turned out really well.  This cake had a healthy dose of cinnamon that I think made all the difference.