We are going into the city tomorrow and I don’t think either of us will be able to resist buying crates of plain onesies. I can’t think of a more satisfying ten minute craft.

This is Kohitsuji-chan from Aranzi Aronzo. I used the image from a postcard from my friend Maiko in Japan. She also sent me the mug and it’s a miracle that I’ve had it for a few years now and haven’t broken it.

This time around I was very careful to cut the transfer paper very close to the image so it didn’t leave lots of shiny remnants for maximum cuteness!

I am loving not being exhausted all the time.  I have a blueberry pie cooling in the kitchen for heaven’s sake! I’ve also had time for knitting while watching season one of Damages and making gallons of smoothies and mocktails.  Good times! I hope you all had a great weekend also.  Don’t be shy to say hello. It’s been a bit quiet around these parts and I miss reading what you all have to say.