This project didn’t have to be overly difficult but drama ensued when, just after I finished cutting out the pieces, Bowie decided to start chewing a pin and when I got upset and demanded he drop it he decided to swallow it instead.  He had emergency surgery and it went well.  I’m going to pick him up soon but I got a little glimpse of the years of parental guilt that await. I haven’t gotten the vet bill yet but I suspect this may be my most expensive project ever.

Pattern is another from Simple Sewing for Babies although it seems you can get the project free from the Craftzine blog. More Ikea fabric from Erin. I actually did think about the pattern placement on the print but it turned out to be nicely aligned on the back, which won’t be seen very often.  Doi.

The micro fleece I ordered from Etsy for the lining turned out to be strangely narrow so I had to cut two pieces and sew them together instead of cutting on the fold.

I’m off to pick up the little daredevil.  Let’s hope when I get home it won’t be necessary to put the baby to bed in a cardboard box (although my grandma swears I loved sleeping in one when I was a baby.  Apparently I would scratch the sides until I fell asleep.  Happy times).