That was a nutty week.  Bowie is home and doing better than fine.  Even the vet assistant said you would never tell he just had surgery.  I almost fainted at the bill but then Chris’s mom informed us that we got a rock bottom discount compared to city prices.  Bowie now has strict orders to stick to his bed while I’m sewing and he’s been pretty good with keeping to it.  This was sewn without incident:

It’s a little travel change pad from Simple Sewing for Babies. The outer fabric is another Ikea print from the lovely Erin.  I love how graphic and fun and gender neutral these prints are.

It’s pretty grey here today so the colour is off but the Ikea website is way off too so this will have to do.

This springy green inner fabric is from Mitchell fabrics in Winnipeg.  It’s cotton with a bit of spandex which was not ideal for this project (note bunching on the long edges) but I loved the colour so I went with it.  I probably have enough left over for a little pair of pants.  The twill tape, velcro and batting are from a cranky trip to Fabricland.  I apologize to all the patrons who had to witness me whining about the heat in the store and the lack of shopping carts.  The ample staff who chose to totally ignore my sweating, waddling self as I ambled around searching for assistance, however,  can all suck it.