I’ve wanted to knit Trellis since it was first published in Knitty five years ago.  I guess I just needed a really good excuse.

How can you not love it?  A baby dressed up like a tiny Irish fisherman.  Come on!

Sad fact: I could not bend over the bed to smooth the back out after I flipped it. Hence the weirdness.

I used two skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, once again from Webs.  I can’t recall the colour at the moment. The buttons are from Fabricland.  I made the six month size thinking it would be perfect timing for an October baby photo op in a pumpkin patch or big pile of maple leaves.  Not that there are maple trees or pumpkin patches around here but we’ll make it happen.  Now the baby just has to grow exactly as designers and clothing manufacturers prescribe and we’ll be set.