I have defied all notions of how I thought I would approach a baby’s room and have actually chosen a Theme rather than throwing things in there at random. Really, it’s more of a pretty colour scheme ripped off of others with a much more artistic eye but it is something that requires forethought, not a strength of mine.  I have fabrics and a wall painted and I can’t wait for it all to come together.  It’s been fun to take a completely empty, stark white room and do whatever I want with it.  There is still much to be done and bought but here’s a tiny peak inside:

The crib is displaying some cloth diapers jazzed up with fabric panels transforming them into super absorbent burp cloths.  The middle fabric is a kind of hilarious print sent by Robyn (close up here) and the two on either side are flannel from Amy Butler’s Love collection.  I have two in each print.

The next two feature super cute sheep and matryoshka Japanese twill tape that I had been hoarding for god knows what (close ups here and here).

Then we have a few edged with sweet bias tape from Holland Fabric House on Etsy. The original plan was to encase all four edges of all twelve diapers with bias tape as suggested by Lotta but her instructions for mitred corners really failed me here.  The illustrations didn’t even match her written steps.  Plus the tape I ordered was half as wide as it should have been which made it a total bitch to sew on the edges.

Finally, and easiest of all a little iron-on dala horse, also from Holland House.

I think these would make great gifts being both practical and cute and having a little handmade touch.  I ordered my diapers (and the Amy Butler prints) from here and made sure to wash them first (hence the wrinkles) without any detergent or fabric softeners.  Many detergents are safe for babies but I haven’t picked any up yet so I washed them in hot just to get any manufacturing gunk off.

More on the nursery soon, I hope!