I’ve finally checked the last item off my “make for baby” list (yes, there was an actual list. If you’re surprised you don’t know me very well) and it feels like a real accomplishment because I anticipated this to be the biggest headache.

It’s the Everything Bag from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones and, really, it’s more for me than for baby because I want to marry this fabric.

It’s Amy Butler fabric, the exterior from the Love line.  I’m thinking I need to buy metres more for dresses and curtains and to upholster all my walls.

I won’t lie and say this wasn’t… involved. I think the thing that helped me the most was what actually seemed like the biggest frustration at first: I kept realizing I didn’t have what I needed and had to put things on hold. This resulted in me cutting all the fabric pieces one week then putting them aside so I could hunt down fusible fleece, then, when that was found, cutting all the interfacings, then putting them aside while I waited to be in the city so I could pick up coordinating thread.  I’m positive that if I had had everything at my fingertips I would have tried to plow through and finish everything in one day which would have been INSANE.

The sewing portion took about five hours, which I did do in one sitting but only got crazy-making at the very end when I had to topstitch through all the layers.  This resulted in some puckering and creases which drove me crazy but I eventually realized that if people (including myself) are picking it apart looking for faults they’re missing the point entirely.

This is all not to say that we are ready for baby. There is a dresser to paint and clothes and diapers to wash and a shower to attend this weekend and pictures to hang and a chest freezer to buy and fill in the next two and a half weeks before b-day but I’m sure everything will be wrapped up nicely with a bow on top just in time. Right? Right!?!