I believe I mentioned a few posts back that Robyn sent me an awesome little package with some fabric and patterns for baby.  She even included elastic! How thoughtful.  To be honest I was on the fence about the outfit pattern, Simplicity 4243 (sorry no link – the Simplicity website never seems to want to load for me).  It was a little country cutesy at first glance.  But Robyn clearly has more vision than I, because combined with the fun, modern print fabric included and without the bows and lace, we have a real winner.

I mean come on!

The only tricky thing about the dress was making and applying my foe, bias tape, to the armhole and neck edges. Such a tiny opening for neat stitching!  The bloomers were pretty breezy although next time I think I would insert the elastic right at the leg edge instead of the ruffle effect called for to make them a bit more modern.  You can see I was too lazy to make more bias tape to enclose the elastic at the ruffle and used some purple tape I had lying around which shows through a bit.

I didn’t insert a zipper into to the dress back because I didn’t have one and it also seemed a bit odd on a baby outfit.  Instead, I made a little loop buttonhole and sewed on a button. I should have taken a photo but I’m 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant so you’re going to have to cut me some slack.

I’m hoping to get some nursery photos soon as it’s almost finished and I made a lot of things for it. Stay tuned!