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When Kate was in the NICU she was constantly swaddled in a flannel blanket and we thought it best to keep it up at home.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any receiving blankets.  I wrote it on a shopping list before smacking myself in the forehead upon realizing that they’re nothing more than a hemmed square.  So, out came the rest of my Amy Butler flannel and twenty minutes later she had two more bundling blankets.

How much sweetness can you cram into one photo?

No brainer #1

These measure about 37 inches square but next time I think I’d make them a little bigger to thwart her middle of the night Houdini moves a little more effectively.


Thanks so much for the sweet comments welcoming Kate! It was so nice to know that everyone was out there cheering for her.  She’s doing great at home and I can hardly believe now that she was ever sick.

The biggest surprise since bringing her home has been that my life didn’t end the moment she came home.  I had braced myself for being totally exhausted all of the time and having no time for anything but baby.  In reality I am pretty well rested, eat three (at times rushed) meals a day and even fit a shower in every morning. Better still, she tends to sleep for a few hours in the late morning / early afternoon which affords me some creative time.  I’ve made cookies and a cake and even a dress!

This is another Simplicity 4243 in Riley Blake’s Bloom and Grow Flowering Vines in cream from Fabricworm, which I ordered for her embroidery hoop wall hangings but I didn’t think the colours were quite right for her nursery in the end.  It’s still a bit big for her even though it’s the extra small size but I think it will be just right for hot summer days.

The quilt underneath her arrived in the mail yesterday from my uncle’s Phil’s girlfriend Lynn who I don’t think reads this but just in case she does: thanks so much!

I also finished a pair of longies that I started just before she was born and finally got a photo of her modified Vanilla soakers:

You can read about the changes I made on my Ravelry project page.

It’s way more effort getting her dressed up in her handmade outfits and taking pictures of them than working on them! Plus, my photos really don’t do her justice. I know I’m biased but this is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen.  Any baby photography tips are most appreciated.

All of this ease in adjustment is due in no small part to Chris being home with us for three months.  I think I would be much more frazzled if it weren’t for his sharing the responsibilities. The biggest lesson I’ve taken away from my whole pregnancy, labour and first few weeks at home is to take what others tell you about what it’s going to be like with a grain of salt. No two pregnancies, births or babies are the same and you can really work yourself up comparing your experiences to others.

Two and a half weeks after my due date, we were finally able to bring baby Kate home.

She was nine days overdue and delivered via c-section twenty-two hours into my labour.  I know it sounds horrific but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. That’s really saying something considering nothing went at all as planned.   The really hard part came after she was born.  She inhaled meconium during delivery and had air leak from her lung to her chest cavity.  Seeing her being carted of immediately after delivery  in a large incubator with a million tubes stuck in her without being able to hold her or even touch her was heartbreaking. She spent a week in NICU and it was the longest week of our lives.  We were lucky enough to get a room at the Winnipeg Ronald McDonald House.  I don’t know what we would have done without it. But, every day she got a little better. We went from not being able to hold her to providing all of her care in hospital over a few days.


That we can care for her all the time without the constant gaze of well-intentioned nurses, doctors and social worker watching us constantly is amazing and scary. The fact that she is the most beautiful baby ever makes it a lot easier.

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