I initiated my new machines with a project that was a bit of a slog initially.  The Schoolhouse Tunic pattern seems to be written with the beginner in mind and the wordy directions tripped me up occasionally.  When I decided to ignore what was written and do what I thought was right it went a lot smoother. The sleeve instructions for example, had you attaching them to the body flat, which I’ve never seen before and I found more finicky so I disregarded.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this voile I got on sale at Fabricland at first.  I was worried it was a bit granny and then my Elna was not taking to it which was beyond frustrating when I was just excited to get going.  Turns out I needed an appropriate needle and a bit of a tension adjustment and I was good to go.  It did end up looking like a nightdress, however, mostly because it was much too large.  I hacked off about three inches on the bottom and added some elastic to the underbust seam under the arms as a cheaters resizing method and now I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I also made a narrower hem and I shortened the sleeves, both on account of the lightness of the fabric.

I finished all my seams with the serger (note to Krystyna: I finally managed to thread it!), and while I wouldn’t say it was faster with having to weave in the ends I love how professional it looks.

It’s good to be back to sewing a few things for myself!