Our doula Susan was absolutely amazing.  She stayed with us for twenty four complete hours in the hospital despite the fact that Kate ended up being born on her birthday.  She gave us an entire prenatal course because she knew we couldn’t access one where we live.  She cried when I cried seeing Kate in her incubator. She cries when we e-mail her baby pictures.  She drove the five hours round trip to visit us this week and I was able to give her this Ishbel.

This is a great little gift project.  It only took nineteen days new mom time.

The yarn is Yarn Chef Bouillabaisse in Popcorn and my new kitchen scale tells me I have enough left over for another. I’m really into yellow accessories these days so I may have to make one for myself.

Other bits:

I’m fascinated by Adele Enerson’s maternity leave project of photographing what she thinks her baby is dreaming about.  The photos should be super cheesy but somehow they’re not. I love that she’s using that precious nap time to do something creative instead of just frantic loads of laundry.

Chris is going back to work on Sunday and I am panicking.  I am manifesting my panic in a desire to buy every baby toy on the planet just to keep Kate entertained so I can have a shower once and a while.  I never thought I’d be into the plastic, rainbow coloured, battery operated toys but I have already bought this monstrosity and I’m also considering a Bumbo, projector musical crib mobile and floor gym but I’m torn between the handmade, European muted varieties or the ones that look like they were engineered by Epcot Imagineers.  This is all not to mention the fact that we have no more floor space for this kind of circus equipment.  How many play stations does the average three month old have?