Since I made my mum a sweater for her fiftieth birthday last year I thought it would only be fair to make one for my dad’s fiftieth this year. I started this way back in March thinking I would never have time to knit again post-baby. It ended up just taking me a few weeks and sat in a closet until I could give it to him on our trip to Kitchener last month. Unfortunately we were there during a suffocating heat wave so I didn’t get any modelled photos.  I asked my mom to take some and she got these stunning shots well into his party.

These are literally the least embarrassing shots of the lot.

At least we can see that if fits. I based the measurements on one of Chris’s store-bought sweaters because while Chris is tall and thin my dad is a shorter and broader so they end up buying the same sizes often. It seems to have worked out well.

The yarn is Berroco Vintage, a wool / acrylic / nylon blend because I knew it would have to be washable if it was to get any use.

I was surprised at how the back neck shaping turned out. I thought I was going to end up with a classic saddle shoulder that cut straight across the back based on the projects I’ve seen on blogs and Ravelry but as it turns out those are actually the Seamless Hybrid With Shirt Yoke. The Seamless Hybrid proper looks like this (third photo) at the back of the neck.  There seems to be a lot of overlap in categorization.  Oh well, not a big deal.

For his sixtieth birthday I’ll be sure to get some daylight, non-bathing suit bottom photos.