By Sunday we were already going crazy from thinking about how to force a baby to sleep* so we popped her in the car and drove to Inwood (about one hour north of Winnipeg and one hour south of us) for Manitoba Open Farm Day at Sheeples Farm.

Kate wanted to pet the sheep and let them lick her face off the way Bowie does non-stop but Chris, ever-mindful of germs, kept her hands in her own mouth.  I did not display so much self-control.  I man handled the lambs and roving and the two skeins of non-fun fur (what the hell?) yarn they had left which is GORGEOUS.

The only farm stand yarn I have ever experienced has been pretty rustic with big pieces of vegetable manner and a suitability for only the scratchiest accessories.  This is so soft and I’m loving the natural sheepy colour.  There’s no yardage listed on it and I’m not used to working with just weight but I’m sure I have enough for a warm lacy shawl.

We remembered the camera but forgot the battery but I’m loving how these cell phone photos turned out, even without Hipstamatic or anything!

It was my idea of a perfect Sunday.

If you are, understandably, only here for the yarn then stop reading now. It was nice to see you.

*We are having mixed results on the sleep training front.  I think I was trying to feed Kate too often which led to a lot of frustration so I have her on more of a schedule with that.  She is going down for all naps and bedtime without nursing or her soother without much fuss.  Her naps are still pretty short but we’re experimenting with going into the nursery at the thirty minute mark to interrupt the 40 minute waking that is apparently part of a baby’s natural biorhythm and so far, after three naps, it’s been successful.  The nights were going well with only one or two wakings and longer stretches of sleep but that fell by the wayside two nights ago. It’s pretty much impossible to get her back to sleep in the middle of the night without nursing. My biggest complaint about the whole thing is that she is waking up progressively earlier in the morning.  She used to wake up at seven or eight but every day since we started this dog and pony show it’s been progressively earlier until today she woke up at five-fifteen.  That is not going to fly.  I may go back to nursing her in bed just to get a little sleep since that’s supposed to be what this is all about, after all, but I am open to suggestions.