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The last month, and the last week especially, have been rough for all three of us.  It’s times like this that I’m especially thankful for having fulfilling hobbies to keep my mind off of the guilt, paranoia and lack of sleep that go hand in hand with parenthood.  I’ve really tried to keep up with knitting, baking and blogging and I’m convinced they’ve kept me relatively well-adjusted during the these chaotic early months.

I second this emotion

This is Sugar Bear and I’m happy that I finally made a baby knit that Kate can grow in to a bit.


You can read more about it here.


I’m feeling the isolation of our surroundings really acutely these days so I want to thank you all again for your comments.  It makes me a member of an imaginary, yet amazing, community and sometimes that is good enough.


The first project for Kate to use up all that extra Lorna’s Laces was not a total success.

It’s the Manda Ruth cardigan and though cute the sizing is all off.  I chose the six month size and added a bunch of length to the arms and body but didn’t worry too much about the width since Kate is so tiny  but it just fits her barely five month old body.  The hood is also so shallow it is non-functional, except for serving to pull the whole body back. I even tried to widen it by making it flush with the button bands but it didn’t help.

The cuteness definitely counts for something, though, does it not?

P.S. – I can’t wait for Kate to be able to sit up on her own so that her sweaters aren’t covered by man hands.

When the weather suddenly turned in early September I was totally unprepared in terms of outerwear for Kate.  We were layering her in sweaters and putting hospital caps and no-scratch mittens on her.  It was pretty pathetic.  Good thing baby accessories are such a quick knit.

I am over the moon about this sweet baby hat.  I used some leftover Dream in Color Smooshy in Ruby River and Dusky Aurora and I love how they combined.

This is the six month size and it just fits her almost-five-month-old head, unfortunately.  I wish I had made a larger size but I was terrified of running out of yarn.  In the end I had enough for a little set of mittens with each colour held together.

I added a few more rounds to these in the hopes that they’ll fit her for a few days.

Now she just needs a proper jacket and we’ll be set.

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