We batted around hip and ironic costume ideas for Kate for weeks but left the actual construction until the eleventh hour so in the end we went with whatever was easiest which also happened to be the cutest.


I mean, come on!

We had a wooly cardigan that Chris’s grandmother had made for him as a baby and these soakers and I made the bonnet, tail and hoofs from a pair of my tights making it the best kind of costume; homemade from things you have on hand.

I couldn’t find a bonnet pattern that I was satisfied with so I drafted one myself which was so hard but so rewarding.  I used some faux shearling that I bought in Japan for stuffed animal making and the lining material is from a thrifted baby blanket.

The best part of it all was that Kate slept for over twelve hours straight the night before for the first time ever so we were all in delightful moods.  All the candy in the world can’t top that.