Thanks so much for the kind comments about Kate’s stocking.  It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who likes it.

I’m starting to peter / flake out on some of my (dozens of stupidly) planned homemade Christmas gifts but I did manage to get a few finished before crafting malaise took hold.  We did a little party and gift exchange with our friends Adam and Michelle this weekend since they leave to spend Christmas with their family this week.  Michelle’s keeping a little baby warm in her belly so I thought I’d help out by keeping her hands toasty.

This is my second pair of Bird in Hands and again they were fun and challenging.  At least this time they’re both the same size.

I had intended on using up some of the Cascade 220 I have but of course I ran out and had to make an emergency trip to Winnipeg so that I could finish them off.

Michelle seems to like them so I guess this is one successful Christmas gift down.