I almost completely forgot that I made three pairs of sleep shorts as Christmas gifts.

My brother and Chris each got a soft, grey pair like these and then Chris also got some stiffer black ones.  The pattern was really quick and easy, especially with the serger. My only problem was finding out that the jersey I’d bought at Marshall Fabrics was too narrow to make the larger sizes.  So, they got medium pairs which are a bit on the slim fitting side but they seem to like them still.  I also ran out of elastic for the waist of the last pair but running out of a notions is a common occurrence these days so Chris had an unfinished pair wrapped under the tree which I finished this week with elastic I bought in Ottawa.

I didn’t get the leg opening in the photo but that was my favourite part.  I used a twin needle and it looks nice and professional.

I also bought Kwik Sew 3793 to make Chris some pajama pants but that was a disaster.  I think my trouble had to do with the finicky flap opening. When I’m over being angry with it I may try them without the flap since I don’t think most men use it anyway.

I think that’s officially all the Christmas gifts I made this year.  That means I made three pairs of shorts, one doll, six embroidered pillow cases, a pair of stranded mittens, a colourwork stocking, and a sweater. That’s crazy! I made so much with the intention of scaling back on the spending and only doing handmade gifts but then I chickened out and ended up buying a bunch of stuff in addition.  This year I should really work on valuing my work enough to not think of it as a second tier gift.  I’d like Kate to grow up being happy with a few small gifts rather than expecting the blowout Christmas we’ve become accustomed to.