After years of wanting it is finally mine!

My parents got us the pasta roller attachment and fettucine cutter for our Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and I lurve it.  I considered exchanging it for the newer pasta shaper attachment but then I realized that whenever I’ve bought fresh pasta I’ve bought ravioli or fettucine not macaroni and I’m probably not going to make fresh macaroni or rigatoni every time I make soup or a casserole.

I’ve made this recipe twice now, once for us to try the machine out, and once for guests this weekend and it’s been a great success, despite its odd ingredients.

I used jarred pesto because the one in the recipe didn’t get great reviews and I knew it would be a cold day in Manitoba before I found fresh basil and pine nuts at our town grocery store.  This made it beyond easy.

Also, I’m hoping to make these donut muffins as soon as I possibly can. Who says January is for light foods?

I finally made these cheese straws on New Years Eve and they were easy to make, tasty and addictive.