I started this cardigan in October and was saddened to have to put it away to tackle my crazy-person Christmas projects (did I mention I forgot about a Christmas dress that I also made Kate?) because I was in love with the project as soon as the first few inches crawled off the needles. Sport weight yarn plus 4.5 mm. needles doesn’t make for light speed knitting so it was a lucky thing that this yarn is so amazing.

This photo should teach me not to insist on outdoor photos in February since I'm clearly freezing to death and, worse, compromising the drape of this lovely collar.

I don’t trust myself to ever take this off. It’s light but warm and soft as fresh kittens. I hope Kate will learn to live with the mouthfuls of shed fluff in her mouth (alpaca and angora, you know).

If I can remember back that far I think my project choice was inspired by Leslie’s parade of simple, wearable knits and Elly’s similarly muted style.  I know I could pick up a similar cardigan at Joe or Gap but why should I put the effort into knitting something if it’s not something I want to live in?  Especially since I’m realizing that so many of the sweaters I knit back when I was knitting the pattern of the minute and churning them out at least once a month are barely ever worn. They’re too fussy or scratchy or I rushed through them and made them too short. I like to think that I’m a lot more thoughtful about what I make for myself now that knitting time is more precious.

I’m already thinking of spring and sewing pretty blouses although as you can see I have no sane right to do so.

Pattern: Carrot Cardigan By Hannah Fettig Knitscene, Fall 2010

Yarn: Classic Elite Fresco, 10 skeins

Size: 42″ (although the shoulders are a little roomy)

Verdict: wheeeeee!!!!