Chris is away all week on a course and it’s clear from Kate’s ten o’clock meltdown on her first full day without him that she misses him as much as I do. I’ve been trying to stay cheerful and active to waylay the anxiety of having no one to fall back on in this parenting gig.  We’ve been going for short, frigid walks, reorganizing our picture books, watching our little squirrel friend, and napping  / suffering through the pilates DVD that has sat in its wrapper since September (respectively).  Kate wasn’t much help but I also made this little heart banner as soon as I saw Erin’s thanks to a link from Austen.

It took maybe fifteen minutes including cutting out the hearts from some Amy Butler card stock that Erin sent me ages ago and it’s really fun in our dumpy living room that is about to undergo a major makeover. I’ll keep everyone abreast of that project as it develops.